What is a video CV

Video CV is the visual presentation of the job seeker’s introduction, skills, qualifications, and experiences presented by the candidates themselves. It is a pre-recorded version of the applicant’s profile description which allows the job seekers to present themselves to the recruiting companies in an appealing way.

It enables the recruiters to analyse the candidates’ communication and other skills without meeting them personally which significantly saves a lot of time and resources for both the parties.A VideoCV is a miniature of the interview where the recruiters get early access to the applicants' profile as well as quick insight into their personality.

It is an advanced transformation in the recruitment industry to creatively optimize the use of professional experience and qualification for improving the chance of getting seen and noticed and hired.

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Why Video Profiles

Video is audio visual representation of information featured with additional sound and visual effects. It is an advanced way of communicating ideas, intentions, objectives, or purpose for a better understanding of thetargeted viewers.

Individuals &Businesses nowadays are now using more videos to expand their reach and to leave a long-lasting impression in the minds of their targeted human- goals for better output and improved personal &business productivity.

Advantages of using a Video CV

  • Exhibits Creativity
  • Highlights Performance
  • Expands the Profile Reach
  • Allows complete control on the Content Flow
  • Simplifies Judgment
Video Making Process

How we do

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Types of Video CV's

Video’s can be of many types, but we specialize in some very specific ones:


The range start from 3000 to 50,000.00 per video

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