Services Start from basic 3000 and depending upon time and location

Video Resumes: (FOR JOB SEEKERS)

Video Resumes are the visual interpretation of the professional skills, qualifications, and experience by the candidates themselves for applying for a job. They are a constructive tool that transforms the conventional outlook of a resume into a more appealing manner.

Benefits of Video CVs
  • Creates a Classic First Impression on the Recruiter
  • Displays Applicant’s Credibility and Genuineness
  • Provides Prospect to Exhibit Skills and competence
  • Helps in Quick Decision Making
  • Gripping and Engaging for Viewers

Professional Video JD: (FOR COMPANY HR Teams)

A professional VideoJD is the description of a company’s job profile in aaudio-visual format for the better understanding of the job seeker. It closely describes the roles, responsibilities, authority, and expertise that are expected from the applicant in the form of a video to help the candidates understand the job role better.

Benefits of Video JD
  • Simplifies job role description
  • Clears the idea of expected performance
  • Better understanding of work culture
  • Prepares the applicant mentally
  • Multiple Usage
  • Highly cost and time effective

Marriage Proposal Video: (FOR BRIDES & GROOMS)

A marriage proposal video is the recorded introduction of the prospective brides and grooms presented by the individual themselves. It provides necessary information about the person in brief in which they describe a little about themselves and also mention about their desired life-partner.

Benefits of Marriage Proposal Video

Matrimony sites are tremendously in usage these days where proposal videos of individuals if added gives a complete overhauling of the understanding in a 400% better way:

  • Quick access to numerous matrimony proposals in a few clicks
  • Highly cost and time effective
  • Get rid of fake profiles
  • Better understanding of the prospects
  • Easier to understand the temperament of the person
  • Maintains strict Privacy guidelines
  • Approval given after there-layered verification by the back-end team

Professional Video: (FOR ENTREPRENEURS, Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, CA, CS, ICWA, MLAs, MPs etc...)

A professional Video is the audio- visual representation of an individual’s information in which the important details of the person concerning which the video is being created are duly represented by the person themselves.

Benefits of Professional Videos
  • Stands out from the Crowd
  • Projects the idea in a creative and effective way
  • Enables the viewer to make smart and prompt decisions
  • Extensive& quick reach to a variety of customers