Why Video CV

Why Video CV?

VideoCV is a newly established concept in the recruitment market introduced with the objective of eliminating lengthy steps in the process of hiring. VideoCV allows the user to create super creative videos of themselves which would be a verbal and visual presentation of their introduction, qualifications, experiences and skills in an appealing manner.

VideoCv is a supremely functional innovation in the recruitment industry which is highly resourceful for both the job seekers as well for the recruiting companies looking to fill the vacant job positions with skilled and qualified professionals.

Benefits: To Job Seekers



VideoCv allow the candidates to represent themselves in a more presentable way. In the ever-growing competitive market, it has become difficult for the individuals to classify themselves as a better option than others for the job, thus VideoCv helps them to recreate and present an appealing version of themselves and their qualifications that would make them stand out from the crowd.


Communication Skills

VideoCv is basically a meeting without visiting. The concept of VideoCV is helpful for the candidates seeking jobs since it allows them to exhibit their communication skills to the recruiters. This automatically improvises their chance of getting hired as the impact of the candidate speaking for themselves is a much more interactive way than reading them from behind the stack of papers. It covers all aspects in comparison to physical meeting as you might not remember all the things while being present or in the pressure of some new enviornment.


Highlighting Skills

The traditional resume format doesn’t allow the candidates to make the employers read what they actually want them to, but with VideoCV, candidates can highlight their exclusive quality, skill or qualification that they think would increase their chance of getting hired by putting special emphasis on that particular quality. This is much better than the traditional way of doing paper highlights and increases the candidates’ chance of getting selected.

Benefits: To Recruiters / Employers


Read Personality

Going through papers and accessing the candidates based on what’s written is now an old way of hiring. The concept of VideoCV gives a clear presentation of not just the candidate’s skills and qualifications rather it allows the recruiters to understand their whole personality without meeting them. VideoCV is a great way to identify the overall distinctive persona of the candidate which helps them in examining and scrutinizing the candidate in a better way.


Better Selection

The VideoCVs allow the recruiters to screen the candidates and watch them over for as many times as they want. Through VideoCVs the recruiters can re-access the job seekers and can understand the aspects of their personality better as visual presentation magnifies the personality traits of the candidates which are often skipped in normal CVs and may go unidentified during interviews as well. This way the recruiters can select the most efficient and quality candidates for the respective job.


Saves Time and Resources

Compilation of large stacks of paper and calling in candidates for interview is a very tiring part of the recruitment process. Since VideoCV gives a better visual presentation of the candidates, it allows the staffing experts to screen their qualifications and personality without meeting them. This successfully eliminates number of steps of the hiring process since the recruiters can only interview those who they seem is a close fit for the role and whose personality matches with the company's environment.

VideoCv has been introduced to extend the parameter of technological advancement in the industry. Every business structure needs tools to evolve, grow, and to improvise, similarly, the concept of VideoCV is being introduced to transform the traditional process of hiring. It is a comprehensive feature that is being implemented for upgrading the lengthy process of recruitment and hiring.

With changing times, there has been significant growth in bringing creative solutions to change the business approach in every sector, therefore VideoCv is expected to reach greater heights in transforming the recruitment industry as it has bigger scopes of utilization for all the parties involved.